AFL Communications – Headquarters


Liberty Property Trust


Duncan, SC

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Technical Considerations

Blended office space and flexibility to relocate employees, teams and/or departments.

AFL Communications – Headquarters


This two-story 55,000 square foot, build-to-suit facility provided much needed corporate office space for the expansion of Alcoa Fujikura’s various business units.  The open floor plan consists of a blend of private offices and open office cubicles, including a highly integrated teleconferencing center.  MCA designed this open office environment to take advantage of the latest indirect lighting technology. Serving as a meeting space for Alcoa’s many foreign partners created a need for a “full-service” teleconferencing center. Therefore, MCA’s design included the latest communications technology as well as a comfortable and inviting lobby from which to welcome visitors.

Nestled between the new office and an existing facility, a small canal provided a quiet retreat within the heavily landscaped grounds.  MCA designed a pedestrian bridge spanning the canal, thus providing a link between the old and the new.

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