Duke Energy Oconee Maintenance Facility


Duke Power


Oconee, SC

Size (SQ FT)

51,000 SF

Duke Energy Oconee Maintenance Facility


Our relationship with this client has grown for over 15 years and has been strengthened by 75+ projects (and counting!). These projects have varied in size from just a few thousand dollars to over $4 million.

MCA completed conceptual design and cost estimating of this 3-story maintenance facility located within the protected area of Oconee Nuclear Station. The goal of the project was to improve the work environment for employees while providing a new home for the maintenance group. In addition to the shops, offices and team rooms of the user group, a readily accessible assembly area for plant use was also provided. The strict security requirements of the protected area were also part of the design challenge.

Shown here is a schematic rendering of the southwest portion of the building. As indicated in the rendering, the building is three stories and presents a unique form. Due to programmatic requirements, the first floor requires an uncommonly high ceiling giving the building a tall, slender appearance. The exterior materials are integrally colored concrete panels (the mottled, green material) and insulated metal panels (the metallic, bluish-gray material). Aside from the unique form, we also see an irregular window pattern. Window placement and size was strongly influenced by stringent security requirements and interior space use. i.e. The long, horizontal windows indicate meeting/ gathering spaces while the vertically oriented windows are placed in open office and circulation areas.

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